Current Projects

Ink'd Well Comics
Byrd & Bird - Cover and interiors
Super Galactic Space Explorers V3 - Cover and interiors

Engen Books
The Last Tree - Cover and chapter illustrations

Past Projects

Ink'd Well Comics
Emma Awesome V1, 2, 3 and Summer Spooktacular - Cover and interiors.
Fearsome Fables - Artwork for "Family Recipe" and "Gills, Gills, Gills".
Fearsome Fables II - Artwork for "There Was An Old Woman" and "Blood Brothers"
Infantasy - Interiors
Sci-Fact Comics - Artwork for "The Trouble With Kibble", "Polish Oven" and "H.U.M.A.N."
Super Galactic Space Explorers - Cover and interiors
Super Galactic Space Explorer V2 - Cover and interiors
What The Wild Things Read - Front and back cover.