Fearsome Fables (Digital)


Fearsome Fables (Digital)


Log line
A collection of spooky, all-ages tales to chill your bones. Net proceeds benefit Child's Play.

At Hal-Con 2010, Peter Chiykowski and I discussed ways to work together on a comic. I suggested an anthology and asked a few others at the show to gauge initial interest. Once Peter introduced the charity, things really took shape.

That book, What the Wild Things launched at the following Hal-Con and went over quite well. We received a thank-you card from the charity, as well as a video. Based on this success, we were able to expand our scope for this second volume.

2012 02 29 update: Here is a letter we received from Child's Play indicating we have made them our charity of choice for 2012.

2013 02 18 update: Here is a neat little story about Fearsome Fables used as a teaching aid in Korea.

The contributors
Elizabeth Allan
Hillary Allan
Aileen S. Balucanag
Bianca Basso
Theodore Bond
Peter Chiykowski
Steve Damm
Jono Doiron
Justin Foley
Larry Gent
Valerie Gent
Kim Glennie
Darren Hann
Kala Hirtle
Dave Howlett
Ricky King
Steve Lake
Aaron Lenk
Kelly Lynch
Ariel Marsh
Sarah McCausland
Conor McCreery
Molly McVicker
Aidan Nicol
Kraig Nicol
Jay Paulin
Isabelle Pineau
Ruth Reid
Josh Rodgers
CK Russell
Suze Shore
L. M. Silva
Alex Steacy
James Stevenson
Mags Storey
Ckhyamoj Townsend
Beth Wagner
George Ward
Jayleen Weaver
Jeri Weaver
Augustus Michael Webb
Kevin Woolridge

8+ (a few moderately intense moments); fans of BoneCoralineJabberwocky and Scary Godmother.

Trade paperback; anthology (182 pages)

"If you like variety, imagination, and heartening creepy tales, then this collection is for you. The poems, stories, and comics are quick to read and leave a smile on your face. And be sure to share it with the kids in your life!" 
- Paper Droids

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